My Journey in the Start Up Nation

February 21, 2014 at 1:43am
"Teach thy tongue to say, “I do not know,” and thous shalt progress."

"Teach thy tongue to say, “I do not know,” and thous shalt progress."

February 20, 2014 at 3:45pm

The past 2 years have been amazing….

I got married this year

April 28, 2011 at 2:23am
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This is insane, taking Google maps to a whole new level, we felt that we had to share!


Derived from technology that was originally intended to guide missiles, a company called C3 Technologies has just licensed their powerful new mapping technology to Nokia.

C3’s peacetime use renders 3-D color models of entire cities—its buildings, statues, even its trees—to a resolution of 15 centimeters.

This video shows how playing with C3’s maps—twirling, panning, zooming—on a tablet could easily make you feel just a little bit like, well, God.

More on why some have called this new tech “Google Maps on steroids.”

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noun /ˈdo͞oər/ 
doers, plural

A person who acts rather than merely talking or thinking
- I’m a doer, not a moaner

The person who does something
- the doer of the action

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You’ve either started a company or you haven’t. ”Started” doesn’t mean joining as an early employee, or investing or advising or helping out. It means starting with no money, no help, no one who believes in you (except perhaps your closest friends and family)


This @cdixon quote from his blog post is spot on.

It means lying awake at night worrying about running out of cash and having a constant knot in your stomach during the day fearing you’ll disappoint the few people who believed in you and validate your smug doubters 

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Entrepreneur. This is actually a list of synonyms for “adventurer” but they seemed much more fitting than the bland thesaurus synonyms for entrepreneur. 


Entrepreneur. This is actually a list of synonyms for “adventurer” but they seemed much more fitting than the bland thesaurus synonyms for entrepreneur. 

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Do you remember when you were a kid and you thought you could do anything?

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How the Real World Taught Me Higher Education Needs a Reality Check

Feb 2nd, 2011

(I’m going to start this blog off by sharing a peice I wrote for

Go to class, study hard, get good grades, then graduate.

That’s what has been ingrained in my mind ever since I was a young child.

It is mind-boggling that our current collegiate system comprises huge classrooms where desks are scattered in rows that create such an impersonal and intimidating atmosphere for the student. We are forced to read from outdated textbooks and pay attention to a professor who is lecturing about content that barely interests us as we watch the hands of the clock tick toward the end of the class.

Oh yeah, did I mention that all of this costs anywhere from $7,000 to 13,000 a year just for tuition? This coupled with room and board creates a financial strain on not only us but also our parents’ wallets. I am not against a system of higher-education; I just believe our current methods must change to keep up with our fast paced society, based on technology, the Internet and the ability to connect individuals to each other in the matter of seconds. Our current method of higher education is outdated, plan and simple. Quite frankly, it’s a lot of bullshit.

The real world is not about how well you tested in Philosophy 101, the grades you received in high school or the score you obtained after 45 hours of SAT prep classes; its about action. In my young twenty-two years of life, it has become very clear to me that the real world is about motivation, drive, communication, a hunger for knowledge and a desire to do better. Most importantly its about a love for what you do. You may be thinking, “What does this guy, a recent college grad from Ohio, know about the ‘real world’?” Well let’s just say, I’ve learned a lot in the past seven months.

I began to understand this back in July 2010 when I embarked on an endeavor called Kegfly is a daily deal site that offers daily deals for students on college campuses. For the first time in my life, I had formed such a strong sense of love, motivation, and determination, but most importantly something larger than myself to work toward. I saw this as an opportunity of a lifetime and something that doesn’t come for most people. I knew I had to do whatever it took to get this project off the ground.

I quickly convinced my good friend and fraternity brother Zac Sebo to embark on this endeavor with me in Athens, Ohio, at Ohio University where we set for the launch site of Neither he nor I had any serious sales or marketing experience. We knew that being a part of a start-up company would mean an unexpected amount of arduous trials, but at our age, what do we have to lose? We were insatiable. We also found ourselves doing things that we had never imagined we would be doing at this stage in our lives.

Zac and I look back at the last seven months and realize how amazing it has been taking a dream and turning it into a reality. It’s a an unbelievable feeling to know that seven months ago, this was nothing but an idea and now its live across five campuses and counting.

Nevertheless, I can’t stop thinking about how the major I graduated with has absolutely nothing to do with what I am currently working on. I began to discover that most of my college classes didn’t do much to prepare me for what I have decided to undertake in my post-undergraduate career. I am now in debt with school loans up to my ears and all for a piece of paper that says “Okay, Maxx! Good job!  Here’s your piece of paper thanks for the lump sum of cash. Now you’re ready for life.”

College should be about getting involved in projects and getting as much experience as possible in areas that interest you most. If I could give any advice it would be to get your piece of paper because that’s the way life is. However, at least get it in something that you can see yourself doing for life, something that you can wake up in the morning and be excited, motivated and thrilled to be a part of. Pursue that feeling of doing something remarkable and worthwhile.

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Written by: Maxx Blank